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Living Life Well

You are Your Possibilities

The Pathways Program offers each resident a personalized range of activities and opportunities for social engagement. As one of the critical elements of good dementia care, activities help our residents maintain their functional abilities and can enhance their quality of life. We as a family believe that “You are not your circumstances – you are your possibilities.”

Old Woman and Young Woman Having Fun While Solving a Puzzle

 The Pathways program offers a range of cognitive and physical stimulation. It is a rich menu of interactive activities that focus on all levels of cognition and that help our residents maintain their independence and dignity.

We start with an initial assessment, from which we create a profile of your loved one’s interests, likes, and dislikes. We then create a personalized program that addresses the individual’s emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual needs.

With newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s patients, it is important to stick with activities your loved one has always enjoyed, adjusted as needed to match their current abilities. At the same time, in the early stages of dementia, the person may withdraw from activities he or she previously enjoyed. The Pathways program works to help the resident remain engaged.

As Alzheimer’s progresses, the resident’s likes and dislikes will change. For example, a large social gathering may be overwhelming, but the resident may be able to interact more successfully in smaller groups. We adapt the activities appropriately.

Chess Play with Senior Living
MJ and Puppy

For high-functioning residents, we plan task fulfillment activities and volunteer opportunities for them to provide one-on-one assistance with other residents. This addition to their daily routine helps maintain their sense of self-worth.