Address: 639 US HWY 1, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408


The intent of this policy is to ensure that residents have access to visitors of their choice while maintaining infection control policies that support an environment free of communicable infections.

This facility is in support of the legislation passed in the 2022 Florida legislative session and signed by the governor into law (408.823 Florida statutes) and will comply with the tenants of this rule.


  1. All residents who live in this facility will be encouraged to have visitors to support their physical and/or mental well-being. Residents maintain the right to make decisions as to whom they want to see or not. With the exception of legal guardians or local state or federal authorities residents have the right to refuse visitors including those residence with cognitive impairment. Facility staff will honor those decisions. A resident guardian if legally designated may also be involved in making these decisions if a residence well-being is in question and the resident is not able to express their own wishes.
  2. This facility has set up visiting hours that support the residence needs and the security of the facility and needs of the residence. These hours are from 9 AM to 9 PM each day.
  3. Variances to these hours may be made by the facility for a resident or resident representative for the central caregiver or another visitor who is not able to visit during normal visiting hours with the permission of the resident or resident representative and provider and essential caregiver is designated by the resident or resident representative. This may or may not be someone who provides physical care to the resident. Provider will not require an essential caregiver to provide care but will allow them to assist president if they are able and choose to do so.
  4. Visitors are asked to respect the privacy and personal needs of the resident and roommate in a shared room. If in a shared room visitors are asked to meet in another area of the home like the living room, back or front porch, if the other resident is resting or ill or requests other arrangements be made.
  5. Visitation is allowed in all of the following circumstances unless the resident objects
    1. End-of-life situations
    2. Someone with whom the resident was living with prior to living at current facility particularly if resident is struggling with the change of environment.
    3. Resident is faced with making major medical decisions
    4. Resident is experiencing emotional distress or grieving the loss of a friend or family member who has recently passed.
    5. Resident who needs queuing or encouragement to eat or drink which was previously provided by a family member or caregiver.
    6. Resident who used to talk and interact with others and is currently seldom speaking.
    7. Other situation is with family and friends where a resident will have the opportunity to have a social interaction with a community or family member.
  6. This facility wearing will ensure that there is protective personal equipment available for visitors to utilize during their visit.
  7. The facility does not mandate vaccination for Covid but will be screaning all visitors upon entry to the facility for signs and symptoms including temperature and questions about any flu Covid symptoms and reserves the right to request visitors to reschedule visit or wear additional PPE if exhibiting a fever or other symptoms in order to protect health of residence of facility who may be immune compromised as a function of age or health status.
  8. Facility will post information at the entry of the facility regarding this policy so that it is easily accessible for residents and visitors. Providers will explain policy to residence and responsible parties upon admission and when necessary.
  9. Facility will communicate with resident and resident representative as needed to ascertain whom shall be designated as an essential caregiver. This will be documented in the residence record and shared with facility staff.
  10. In a situation where one or more residents have to be isolated due to illness which may be communicable visitors will be asked to wear a mask use gloves and or hand sterilizer and if visiting with a symptomatic resident wear protective gown. This will be determined by the facility administrator upon change in status of residence and confirm termed by the residence personal physician.
  11. Unless contradicted by the residence personal physician there are no restrictions on visitors having contact with residents such as hugs holding hands etc.
  12. Sexual behavior is not covered in this policy. Again if there is a suspicion of infection or signs or symptoms of infection facility may request PPE be worn to protect during the visit
  13. If facility maintains the website visitation policies and procedures will be posted to their site and a page accessible either on or from the homepage.
  14. This policy is subject to direction of oversight from the Florida agency for healthcare administration for the department of health and other authorities having jurisdiction in the event of an emergent event either side community or state specific.
  15. This policy and procedure will be part of the training for new employees as well as residence representatives new admission orientation.
  16. Facility reserves the right to suspend in person visitation of a specific visitor if the visitor violates the providers policies and procedures.
  17. Nothing in this policy and procedures has an affect on those local state and federal authorities having access to the facility or the residence as required by regulations or statute.