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A new dawn in memory Care

We leave no stone unturned in addressing the comprehensive needs of our residents with Alzheimers and other types of dementia, with our signature Pathways Program.

This proprietary, person-centered, evidence-based program is designed to help us connect with our residents at every stage in life’s journey.

Our staff receives extensive training and education to implement this program, and we personalize our approach for each person.

Rather than focusing on impairments, we celebrate everything our residents can do. We believe their abilities are much stronger than their inabilities—and science supports our view.

We’re so proud to offer The Pathways Program to you, exclusively at our flagship community.

How does the Pathways Program help?

The Pathways Program was built from cutting-edge research and best practices in dementia and Alzheimer’s care 

Our community is designed to support the independence and safety of our residents, while our programs were created to promote their engagement, sense of purpose, and overall quality of life. As a model of holistic care, The Pathways Program stands above the rest in the senior care industry. 

We not only cater to the unique needs of our individual residents, we also create a pathway for family members to engage with and connect with them in real and meaningful ways. 

Born from our belief that dementia represents another chapter in life’s rich story—we help families turn the page and meet their loved ones where they are, finding authentic ways to continue to connect, bringing joy and fellowship to all.

Why was The Pathways Program created?

We created The Pathways Program because we saw that existing memory care services were unable to keep pace with our current knowledge of how to best care for the needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

 Because we created our community from scratch, we were able to build this program into the very concept of our mission—making it the cornerstone.

Our program addresses several key dimensions of holistic wellness in our residents, including—

  • Physical Wellness—maintaining an active lifestyle has been proven to promote cognitive function, as well as overall health in seniors.
  • Occupational Wellness—though our residents may be retired, we like to say their job is to be happy, active, and enjoy their lives.
  • Environmental Wellness—we create a community where our residents feel comfortable, safe, and supported. In other words—a home.
  • Social Wellness—isolation and loneliness are an epidemic for seniors. We combat these by providing many opportunities for our residents to connect and socialize.
  • Medical Wellness—keeping a close eye on our residents’ medical needs is a key component of the quality care we provide.
  • Cognitive Wellness—mental stimulation is so vital for the brain health of seniors. We provide an array of enjoyable, individualized activities to keep residents engaged.
  • Spiritual Wellness—belief in something larger than ourselves is so important. Research shows how faith can promote quality of life in people with dementia.
  • Emotional Wellness—people with dementia continue to have complex feelings. We offer support in a caring environment, designed to reduce stress and promote calm.

Why don't other communities offer the Pathways Program?

The Pathways Program was created especially for Palm Beach Memory Care. We developed this signature program to better serve the needs of seniors with memory and cognitive issues. 

Because we built our community, we were able to carefully select and design every aspect of our community to provide superior comprehensive care for our residents and their families.

Come see for yourself how this program can help your loved one with dementia to thrive, connect, and live their best life. Book your free in-person tour with us today.